Liquid Waste Disposal

With over 25 years experience, RM Liquid Disposal is committed to providing professional septic tank emptying, cesspit emptying and domestic liquid waste removal services, ensuring that your effluent tank waste is removed as quickly and cleanly as possible.

Our smallest lorry enables us to get into some of the tightest of spaces, with the minimum disruption to your premises. We have expert drivers who provide reliable septic tank emptying and cesspit emptying services to domestic properties tucked away in the most rural locations in Dorset, the Purbecks, New Forest, Hampshire, Somerset and Wiltshire.

All of our liquid waste is removed to a licensed treatment centre in accordance with the Environment Agency regulations.


Septic Tank Emptying

Septic tank emptying needs to be done regularly. In normal circumstances, Septic tanks emptying would normally be annual, but it does depend on the capacity of your septic tank and its soakaway integrity. A six-person domestic septic tank, being used by six people would need to be emptied annually, but increase this to 8 people regularly using the facilities and you would need to book a more frequent liquid waste removal service.

With the changes to the General Binding Rules which became statute from 1st January 2019, we can also advise on the practicality of upgrading your system via our parent company Rescue Rod by use of a Mantair unit.


Cesspit Emptying

Cesspits are used for storing sewage when properties are not able to link up to the mains drainage system and they can’t have a septic tank with a soakaway.

A cesspit (also known as cesspool) is a sealed tank which will need very regular emptying by a licensed waste disposal contractor, like ourselves.

cesspit emptying.jpg

Having problems?

Unfortunately septic tanks are often ignored until they start to smell or there is a back up in the system. If you are experiencing issues with your septic tank or it’s due to be emptied, please contact us for our FREE advice.